365买球网 管理

完成一个房地产365买球网可能是令人生畏的,而且需要大量的资源. Whether you need a dedicated project manager for a single project or supplemental support for multiple on-going facility jobs, KGO在这里. We provide the resources and expertise to ensure that the best decisions are made and solutions are developed to achieve your goals.    

我们是计划大师, 顺畅地沟通和管理工作空间的建设, 预算, 准时, with minimized 风险 – all while making sure the finished space aligns with your business goals. 

每个365买球网都是独一无二的. 每个365买球网都需要你的365买球网经理理解你的愿景, 值, 目标要超越“按时、按预算”.”

We will make sure your vision is brought to life through a completely transparent process. 我们不仅有技术专长, but  the communication and coordination skills to assure you and your internal team are informed of both progress and challenges. 我们无缝地将您的关键利益相关者纳入整个流程.   


    • 帮助您计划最有效的365买球网,为您的需求   
    • Provide your team the insights and information to stay informed and when needed, make hard decisions   
    • 沟通有关成本的进度数据, 风险, and schedule in a clear and comprehensive manner using our proprietary technology 
    • Continually keep your vision in mind so that the finished product will be your perfect space  


Our project managers have experience overseeing high-stakes building projects in a variety of industries throughout Washington, 华盛顿和巴尔的摩,甚至是国内和国际. Add a 建设 project manager to your team to stay on-budget, 准时 and free of setbacks.  









Our team can work directly with your existing team to help complete your project. Our SME's are available to do portions of projects when you need additional resources, 给你灵活性,而不必承诺长期的人员配置.


Read on to uncover what makes project management for commercial real estate different from other industries. 一路走来, 你会发现KGO的华盛顿是怎样的, DC based 建设 project management team  can help you achieve your business goals while saving time and money. 

在建筑, 365买球网经理的目标是按时交付365买球网, 在预算范围内,并在此过程中尽量减少挫折. They achieve this goal by overseeing each aspect of your project–including people, 材料, 计划和预算. 他们的支持确保365买球网团队的每个成员都在执行任务. 此外,他们为工作的完成和质量提供了至关重要的监督.   

我们的365买球网经理不仅仅负责验证工作是否完成, but also act as the point person uniting the various stakeholders involved in your project. Our clear and timely communication is essential to keeping all parties informed of the progress. 这包括寻求我们支持的公司, 施工人员在现场工作, 建筑师等. 

最重要的是, 施工365买球网经理是您团队中值得信赖的代表, providing expert advice on navigating your project and overseeing each phase so all goals are met. 

In commercial real estate 建设, project management can be divided into a few key phases. 


在这个阶段, your project manager will collaborate with stakeholders to identify your unique goals. 一旦我们制定了可行的范围和预算, your project manager will draft RFPs for design and engineering services and general contractors. 此时此刻, 在我们选择建筑师时,您可以依靠我们的专家指导, 工程师, AV /供应商, 和更多的.  


接下来,是时候将你的想法转化为可执行的365买球网计划了. 这包括将工作分类, 这将告知施工时间表和工作分配方式. 在这个阶段, 你的365买球网经理会考虑潜在的风险, 因此,如果有需要,可以采用其他策略. 365买球网经理还将对设计文件进行质量检查, 并确保完成365买球网所需的许可 

Phase 3: Construction management and project close-out—where we turn over the successful project to the client. 

As your project moves into action, your KGO 建设 project manager will take the lead on-site. 在那里, they monitor tasks to minimize 风险 and ensure work is completed with quality at the forefront. 通过实时评估进度和风险, 他们的工作是确保在整个施工过程中实现您的目标. 

一旦构建完成,您的365买球网经理将监督转换. 在这个过程中, 我们确保一切正常运转, 打孔清单已完成, 你的团队已经准备好搬进来维护新空间了.  

从开始到完成, our project managers are present throughout each stage of the project lifecycle to provide guidance and ensure that goals are met. KGO对待每个365买球网都像对待自己的365买球网一样. 我们成为您的延伸,为您带来专业365买球. 


  • 了解合适的承包商和供应商; 
  • 制定并保持准确的365买球网预算; 
  • 采购设计专业人员并与之谈判; 
  • Recommending cost saving alternatives during the design phase (value engineering); 
  • 评估设计以减少文档中的错误; 
  • 雇用总承包商和供应商并与之谈判; 
  • 谈判变更订单; 
  • 监督施工,确保质量; 
  • 确保他人(房东、开发商等)要求的工作.)是以他们为代价的. 

We develop a budget for all project costs including professional design services, 建筑许可, 建设, 语音和数据布线, 电话设备, 移动, 家具和适当的365买球网突发事件. 

在整个365买球网中,我们会随着成本的细化而更新预算. 因为我们有丰富的经验, we know which contractors and vendors are best suited for your project and who are offering the best price. 我们也知道各种预算365买球网的习惯成本, 我们确保客户的收费是合理的. 

Sometimes you find yourself in need of additional support right in the middle of a project. 如果你的365买球网偏离了轨道, 你需要一个特定领域的专家, 或者你只是需要另一双眼睛, 我们的365买球网经理可以加入您现有的团队. 通过增加员工, you can leverage the expertise of KGO 建设 project managers without making a commitment to long-term staffing.  

在管理需要了解数据中心的365买球网时, 交换机替换, 电力系统或其他专业365买球, 缺乏经验会危及它们的完成. Our project managers have experience in a variety of industries and can offer vital expertise to your existing project team. Supplementing your team with knowledgeable project managers can prevent further delays and keep costs within your budget.   

365买球网s often fall off-track when your existing personnel aren’t aligned with your needs. 共同的挑战包括缺乏: 

  • 专业365买球 
  • 合格的供应商 
  • 总承办商人手  

当你的365买球网遇到挫折时,快速解决问题至关重要. Staff augmentation enables you to quickly strengthen your project team with knowledgeable individuals. 不管你的365买球网面临什么样的挑战, 我们的专家将无缝地适应您现有的团队.  

虽然你的365买球网可能只需要短期资源, 我们的365买球网经理将产生持久的影响. 在我们的帮助下, your project team can get the support they need to move your project towards completion.   

Any company considering an office renovation or a new-build can benefit from 建设 project management. 此外,您的365买球网范围越大,您可以看到的好处就越多. 

Working with a 建设 project manager delivers three consistent results: 

  1. 你有时间专注于你的商业目标. 
  2. Your project remains on-track, so no time or money is wasted on unnecessary tasks. 
  3. We can anticipate challenges and offer valuable guidance and practical solutions. 

我们为你们的365买球网带来了丰富的经验, 让你实现目标,减少挫折. 事实上, one of the most common challenges faced in commercial real estate project management is scope creep. 365买球网 managers maintain focus so time and money aren’t lost to tasks that don’t support the end goal.  

When you have strict deadlines to meet, practical and effective problem-solving is essential. 是否有任何威胁会危及你的目标, your 建设 project manager will identify solutions and make recommendations on how to proceed. 然而, 他们不只是处理出现的问题, 他们还能很好地预测路障, 因此可以快速初始化解决方案, 停机时间被最小化.  

Construction project managers offer expert guidance throughout the planning phase and during the building process. Their expertise can be crucial when differentiating between contractor bids or developing solutions to challenges as they arise. 结果不仅节省了大量的时间和金钱, 也是一个超出你期望的新空间. 

了解365买球网经理, Alexa Garbis 并进一步了解我们的365买球网管理团队.